Why Attend?

It is a chance to meet and make friends with other expectant parents, becoming a ready-made support group for the remainder of your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

Athough we do not practice pregnancy exercises, we do cover physical skills for labour. Physical skills work concentrates less on exercise and more on self-help strategies for labour, e.g. breathing, massage, positions, mobility, pelvic floor preparation, perennial massage etc. This reinforces what has been learnt in an exercise classes.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable environment in which to share experiences, hopes and anxieties for what lies ahead.

Dads are very welcome to each class as each activity is relevant to both parents. The expectant father too needs a support network.

Birth is a normal physiological process. Skills are learnt which will not only prepare both mother and father for the physical and emotional demands of labour, but also maximises the chances of achieving a straightforward birth.

Sometimes birth does not go according to plan, e.g. your baby is overdue and you have to be induced or maybe you need a ceasarean. What can you expect to happen and what choices do you still have?

The majority of parents do want to try breastfeeding. Parents are taught what to expect in the first few days, to recognise problems and solve them. Even more crucial, where they can seek ongoing support in the postnatal period.

Couples feel better prepared to face the challenges that await them both physically and mentally for the birth and the early postnatal period. They are given the tools to communicate confidently and effectively with their caregivers thus empowering them to remain part of the decision-making process during labour and in the care of their newborn.

Courses are tailored to meet the needs of each group of 7/8 couples maximum.

You have the chance to meet up again with your babies at the class reunion which you organise yourselves.