What is Infant or Baby Massage?

maandag, 26-5-2014  

A Class for Loving and Caring Parents (only parents massage their own child).

Baby massage is an ancient art, which has been practiced for many years in India and is relatively new to the West; though gaining popularity everyday as many parents embark on the journey to discover the magic of touch and its power. It helps us understand an Infant’s non-verbal language, so that we can respond to it with love and respectful listening.

Parents / caregivers can learn about common areas of tension and techniques of touch relaxation / massage that work best in each developmental stage of a child. The bonds of trust and love, the lessons of compassion, warmth, openness, and respect, which are inherent in the massage routine, are carried with the child into adulthood.

So if I don’t massage my baby I don’t bond with it?

No, of course not. Bonding is a gradual process that builds trust and intimacy. It is a bit like falling in love, it can happen suddenly or the relationship may take time to grow. It can be the means by which the parent/caregiver carries, holds, touches, caresses, massages their baby, which helps them to understand how their nurturing touch can alleviate a variety of problems and strengthen their emotional and spiritual bond with their baby/child. However, you could say that baby massage gives an extra dimension to bonding. It also has many benefits that help deal with many of the normal problems new parents face with their new baby. A good example is colic.

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