A short history

Infant massage is an ancient tradition in many cultures, but had not been practiced widely in the West until the 1980’s, largely due to the work of Vimala McClure in the United States . Vimala learned about the wonderful benefits of infant massage while she worked in India during the 1970s.? She saw mothers in even the most poverty-stricken areas massaging their babies as part of their daily routine. The positive touch of massage allowed these babies to experience tremendous love and a sense of security.

After she had returned to America and had her own children, Vimala developed a massage sequence designed specifically for babies, based on the strokes she had observed in India, with the addition of elements of Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga. Following repeated requests from childcare educators, she devised and led courses to train them to teach these skills to parents with young children.

In 1981 she and a group of instructors founded the International Association of Infant Massage ( IAIM ) in the United States . It rapidly spread across the world and now has instructors in over 40 countries.

The IAIM carries on Vimala’s vision that infant massage will become a parenting tradition throughout the world community.? To learn more visit their website on www.iaim.net