CPR / First Aid

zondag, 2-3-2014  

Due to the popularity of this course, Great has teamed up with Blue Umbrella, a company that assists parents in finding childcare solutions in The Netherlands. They also specialise in helping parents claim back their childcare subsidy from the Dutch government by assisting them with all the relevant Dutch correspondence. To know more click on Blue Umbrella handle the bookings for the Childcare First Aid Certificate as well as the normal 6 hour course for parents of children.

Even though there is no exam for the parent First Aid course you do receive a certificate anyway and this can be used for any volunteer organisation in The Netherlands such as working with Scouts or church volunteer groups. The parent courses consist of 1 full day from 9.30 – 15.30. All parent courses allow parents the opportunity to bring babies that are not yet crawling but bear in mind it might be a long day for a baby. You are free to breastfeed and change your baby.

The morning session will concentrate on emergency first aid for babies and young children including CPR and choking. The afternoon session will be basic first aid in the home. For more details on the course have a look at the menu bar First Aid for Parents.

As of 1 January 2010 if you are a registered childminder you must have a Dutch-recognised certificate in First Aid. If you qualified outside NL you must sit the exam again as it is not valid in this country. This consists of 8 hours over 2 days and includes both a practical and written exam. If you hold a First Aid certificate since 2009 you qualify to do the refreshers course which is 4 hours but study is required before the course. You will be tested on CPR and bandaging again. Go to menu Childminders to find out more. This course I can offer. The course is also open to parents or anyone else who would like a certification in Early Years First Aid.

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