Childbirth Education: What’s it all about?

maandag, 15-9-2014  

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are about to embark on a very exciting journey. Childbirth has a profound impact on the lives of both the parents and their children. Many books have been written on the subject and the media offers everything from reality birth TV to glossy magazines featuring images of glowing mother and her perfect baby. But first we have to prepare for the big day!

This course prepares you for a natural normal labour offering you tools to manage your own labour pain such as breathing techniques, visualisations, relaxation techniques, massage, optimal positions for birth, perineal massage to prevent tearing and tips for recovery after birth. However, sometimes nature decides otherwise and baby needs a little help to be born. Sometimes our babies are overdue or a ceasarean is needed. Hopefully by exploring these procedures in a positive way parents will feel they can ask the relevant questions to their medical carers so that they feel involved every step of the way in the care of their child. The techniques you learn to manage a normal labour can also help keep you calm and relaxed during a very medicalised birth also. I do my best to provide you with the lastest research available so that an informed choice can be made. A breastfeeding workshop is also part of the course. The last part of the course tends to focus on life with a baby. What does a baby really need? What do the books say? What does science say? What do you feel? It is really a lot simpler than we think.

One of the most frequently question is “when should I begin my course?” A couple would normally attend a 4 week course about week 32/34 of their pregnancy, which allows them to finish with a few weeks left to take it all on board and do the last minute preparations before the big day. I ask couples to register by week 16 if they can as the classes do fill very quickly. It helps avoid disappointment and makes planning a whole lot easier for me. However, do check out course dates as sometimes there are cancellations.

Due to increased demand for more intensive and more weekend courses, as of January 2011 courses will begin monthly and will consist of a full Saturday from 9.30 – 15.30 followed by 3 Tuesday evenings from 19.00 – 21.30. Partners are welcome to all sessions except the women only session which is generally the second Tuesday evening. This new formula has a number of advantages:

  • couple can really immerse themselves in preparing for labour during that first day
  • less travel time for clients coming from Delft, Rotterdam and Leiden
  • Dads who travel for work can attend the sessions most relevant for them on Saturdays
  • working Mums-to-be are out less evenings when at the end of their pregnancy trying to stay awake after 9.00 pm is a challenge

It also gives me more flexibility to plan extra courses if the need arises especially in the Summertime when babies arrive in abundance.

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