De meest natuurlijke dagcreme

maandag, 22-9-2014  

Steeds meer mensen beginnen te beseffen dat het opsmeren van allerlei chemische cremes eigenlijk helemaal niet zo’n goed idee is. De meeste verzorgingsproducten bevatten namelijk een waslijst aan ingrediënten die helemaal niet natuurlijk zijn. Deze stoffen zijn vaak schadelijk voor de huid. En wat nog erger is, is dat deze materialen het bloed binnen kunnen [...]


Childbirth Education: What’s it all about?

maandag, 15-9-2014  


Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are about to embark on a very exciting journey. Childbirth has a profound impact on the lives of both the parents and their children. Many books have been written on the subject and the media offers everything from reality birth TV to glossy magazines featuring images of glowing mother and [...]

Baby Massage

What is Infant or Baby Massage?

maandag, 26-5-2014  

baby massage

A Class for Loving and Caring Parents (only parents massage their own child). Baby massage is an ancient art, which has been practiced for many years in India and is relatively new to the West; though gaining popularity everyday as many parents embark on the journey to discover the magic of touch and its power. [...]


CPR / First Aid

zondag, 2-3-2014  


Due to the popularity of this course, Great has teamed up with Blue Umbrella, a company that assists parents in finding childcare solutions in The Netherlands. They also specialise in helping parents claim back their childcare subsidy from the Dutch government by assisting them with all the relevant Dutch correspondence. To know more click [...]